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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Divorce Is Final

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Wow…I can’t believe it…It’s actually happened…It is final…My in-laws got a divorce.

After thirty-one-and-a-half years of marriage and five children, my husband’s parents have called it quits. Sadly, my response is: it’s about time! You see, seven years ago I asked my husband if he thought his parents would ever get a divorce once all the children were old enough to support themselves. My husband didn’t want to answer the question as he said he didn’t want to think about something as traumatic as his parents divorcing. I don’t blame him. I suppose I asked him because I could see the signs of a failing relationship: bitterness between the two, arguing and complaining. More recently, I noticed that Mother-in-law and Father-in-law were no longer affectionate with each other and had succumbed to sleeping in separate rooms.

Honestly and as happy as I am that their relationship is over (is that evil thinking?), I am still quite shocked that it did happen after all these years. The crazy thing though is that Mother-in-law is already interested in another man (weird, I know) and Father-in-law still thinks he can get his ex-wife back (emotional drama). My parents got a divorce when I was in junior high, so I have been through parents divorcing before. However, I never imagined that I would have to go through my in-laws divorcing…much less going through their divorce with my spouse.

Any thoughts out there?


A Mac said...

After 30 years a divorce thats a long time! In the future I see the same thing happening in my life, but thats all im going to say. When I get married I hope to have a good relationship like you and shen.


A Mac said...

Allie, this is my blog # 2

Allie said...

Can I just say...let's stop all the drama now.......Just gotta call last night from one of the in-laws asking questions about the other parent. I cannot begin to tell you how annoying that is! Guess this is where parents need to be more courteous and not put their children in the middle.

Grow up people!

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