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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anger She Wrote

My sweetie,
I love you
With all my heart—
The love,
Between us
Will not depart.

Though times
Get rugged
And it seems I don’t care,
Without you
I cannot bare.

So please,
Don’t leave me—
I am not through!
The one
I love
Is sweet, sweet you.

What a cute little poem, huh? Well, I think it will surprise you that I wrote this poem when I was pissed off at my mother when I was in the eighth grade. I hated her then current husband and she and I had just gotten into a fight. Oh the mood swings of teenagerhood.

Remember when you were that age and you acted out in a way that had nothing to do with your current emotions? Why do teenagers (and some people all their life) react in this manner? Is it hormones? Is it habit? Is it a mental disorder? Is it a learned behaviour? Perhaps a combination?

What do you think?


Vanessa said...

I believe teenagers act the way they do because they haven't quite developed their inhibitions... so there they are with all these emotions - same emotions that we adults experience (love, hate, jelousy, etc...) but don't have the inhibitions that control our reactions to these emotions.

Allie said...

Vanessa, I think you hit the answer right on the head. The brain is still is a "work in progress" when we are teenagers. The teenager is a child and is still trying to test his/her limits at home, school and beyond.

Here's another question: Why are some teenagers more "testy" than other teens?

Anonymous said...

Remember when you were that age and you acted out in a way that had nothing to do with your current emotions?

Yes, I remember "acting out" when I was a teenager and even as an adult. Sometimes, I believe we are faced with situations that we do not have coping skills to handle. We are growing and learning every day we are alive. Some of us just learn life lessons faster than others.

Is it hormones?

Hormones play somewhat into the mixture as we progress thru adolesence, however as we age I believe we still learn daily coping mechanisms.

Is it a mental disorder?

I do not believe it is a mental disorder or it would have been identified by now in all the textbooks. I do believe some people create their own problems. I also believe some people take longer to mature than others.

Is it a learned behaviour?

I believe the answer to this question would be found in documentation and study of the individual. I know it has been documented that children learn poor coping skills based on their enviroment. I also believe that once we are adults we are responsible for our actions. We learn and grow towards full responsibility of ourselves and our actions. I am careful here because I know the law defines adulthood as 18yrs and 21yrs depending upon the specific action. A person's age does not necessarily mean that person is an adult or mature. One only has to look around themselves to see this demonstrated.

that's my two cents ~
~ mom

Anonymous said...
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