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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Creep Next Door

Whoa…when I first moved here nearly two years ago, I never knew what kind of weird neighbors I would inherit. Today I will focus on one of them.

My neighbor right next door to me has been giving me the creeps since day one. The first day he came over it was only to introduce himself and say welcome to the neighborhood. I tried to start up a conversation with him (as I am not a shy person), but he quickly turned away and went home.

The very next day, I got into a conversation with him over the backyard fence with my three little ones in tow. We started talking about the trees, because at that time my husband and I had wanted to trim his overgrown oak trees back that were hanging low into our yard. He said it was fine and then he brought up how he loves trees because he is from West Texas (Lubbock really) and there are not a lot of trees out there.

I thought it was really neat that he was from the Lubbock area because my father’s family is from there. So I asked him his last name—it was the same as my maiden name! Could we be related? So I started asking him more questions about his family…it was then that the strangeness started to pile on. He stopped talking mid-conversation and quickly went into his house.

The next day, I was out with the kids again when I saw him over the fence. I started the friendly usuals of how are you and isn’t it a nice day. My boys, being as curious as they are, stood up on our deck bench and started talking to the old man (70’s) with me. This is when the weirdness really began to get to me. He put his hand on my kids’ heads and started rubbing them—not some sort of grandpa-like rub, but more of a sensual rub. I really started to freak, but thought that perhaps I was over exaggerating and imagining things.

I just could not get those feelings of “something’s wrong” out of my mind all day. I even called my husband who thought I was over reacting. So being a self-proclaimed Google-Queen, I decided to google some information about him. All I had to do was put his address into the search box and BAM!, page after page of porn sites showed up! All of them listed this particular neighbor as their Custodian of Record.

Ewww! It was later that I also learned that this same fellow a few years back had also been caught filming nude young males at his home. Who would’ve thought that a 70-year-old would be doing something like this?! What a disgrace! The lesson this experience has taught me is that you never really know who your neighbors or other people are, so it is very wise to check them out if you can.

Hey, it may be as easy as googling their address…
Another great resource or finding registered sexual offenders in your area.


the nightingale said...

Gah! Sounds like a story to be told, huh?

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