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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prepare to be Annoyed!

A couple months ago, I decided to take a walk down one of my neighborhood streets. I do this periodically and not to get the exercise, but as our Crime Watch coordinator to check on the status of my neighborhood (and I must say that canvassing my neighborhood like this can get rather daunting in 100 degree heat!).

So, I am minding my own business and listening to my mp3 player on my new juke cell phone when I realize I am about to approach a couple of teenagers up to no good. It is too late to cross the road politely, so I must press on and hope that these thugs don’t bother me.

Yah right! So one them says to me while holding up a picture of himself on his camera phone, “Hey! How do you think I look?”

I think: Honestly, you look stupidly macho and that dew-rag on top of your head looks like a bra…Can’t you see I am married?

I say: You look good.

I am extremely uncomfortable at this point. I try to step up my speed so I can high tail it out of there, but the one with the phone then says, “But you weren’t even looking!”

I reply, “You look GREAT!” and then I scurry off as quickly as I can.

Geesh! Why are some people so annoying?! Why in the world would these two kids think that I (or any other girl that didn't know them) would want to waste my time to talk to or look at them? Urgh!

Prepare to be annoyed!


Anonymous said...


because they thought if a complete stranger said they were good looking then it must be so!


Allie said...

Idiots is all I have to say.

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