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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Place to Try in Lewisville Texas

I have decided to add every now and then places I have been and products I have tried. Sometimes the review will be good…sometimes not. I hope that I can share with you my knowledge of products that are useful and useless and places that are worthwhile and worthless.

So here goes…

Anybody looking for a great restaurant here in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex that offers excellent southern home-style food and ambience without all the cost and flair? Well, I just visited that dream and they served up that and much more!

The restaurant that I ate at was Mama’s Daughter’s Diner in Lewisville, Texas. It’s a quaint little place located in a questionable strip mall off of Main and Old Orchard (and I know it’s “questionable” because I used to live in that neighborhood). They have you sit in these little wooden booths or at tables with chairs that remind me of something from a small southwestern town or an old Dairy Queen. What is really cool about this place—besides the food—is that they allow local businesses to advertise by letting them set out their business cards and brochures. Hardly anybody lets businesses do that anymore! Not big chains anyways. Talk about supporting local business! They’ve also got the newspaper to read as well as the local Coffee News to read. The waitresses are bubbly and the customers are friendly.

The best part though is the food. Where else can you get a hot steam’in bowl of grits and a plate of fried eggs (sunny side up, of course) and hash browns with sausage for just around $5? Where else can you get a bowl of fresh fruit for your kiddos instead of processed/artificial food from a fast-food joint? Where else can you satisfy that craving for a REAL fried egg sandwich made to order for less than $3 (if my memory serves me correctly)? Where can a family of five eat at for around $20 including tip? The answer is simply: Mama’s Daughter’s Diner.

Wow is all I've gotta say! And if you have never tried that place before, please go check it out at the southeast corner of Main and Old Orchard in Lewisville.

Just so y’all know, they serve non-breakfast items and they have other locations.

What is your favorite “small town” restaurant?


WhosPlayin said...

Mama's is one of my favorites too - especially since they went non-smoking. I alternate between there and Tierney's for good home-cooked American food.

Allie said...

I'll have to try Tierney's...especially since he's my neighbor! What a good neighbor I am...

Dorothy said...

Andrew's over in Bartonville.
They are the best.

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