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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Experience With Salespeople...9:30 At Night

I was really annoyed last night…you see at about 9:30 there’s a REALLY LOUD knock at my front door and then my doorbell chimes. First of all, that is something you never do around here that late at night unless you want to piss me off. So, I go down the stairs to answer the door and who do you know of all the people that could want to talk to me, its TXU salesmen. They didn’t know it, but they were already screwed just for the fact that it’s nighttime, my kids are sleeping and they are creating a raucous at my front door.

Earlier last week, I got into trouble with my husband for being “too rude” to salespeople at home and on the phone. My husband considers being impolite as hanging up on them, not listening to their sales pitch or shutting the door in their face after I tell them no thank you. He claims I am too short with people. Actually, I think it’s the salespeople that are rude to be showing up at my home unannounced to give me the spill on some new product or service plan that I don’t want. You see—they’re wasting my time nine-tenths of the time. Furthermore, I know that if I am not short with them, then they will probably talk me into their sales scheme.

So back to the TXU salespeople…I answer the door politely and they proceed to give me their salse speech on why I need to sign up on their three year calling plan so I can save 7 cents a kilowatt hour. I tell them “no thank you, I don’t sign up on contracts with companies.” They imply that’s insanity and I am making a horrible financial decision. I tell them that its more insane to sign up for three years with a company that I don’t like in the first place and even if I gave them a chance (“they are a new company”) what if I don’t like their customer service in a couple months? Or what if my current electric provider can offer me a better rate and I want to cancel with TXU? Then I would have to pay a contract termination fee. Basically, I told them I don’t want to be bound to any company over another.

They give me their deregulation speech. Bad choice. I remind them that a Denton still has regulation and those customers pay a lower rate than anyone in the area.

The TXU boys see the deregulation spill is not going to work so they give me the “help the environment and global warming speech.” All I could do is laugh! I told them not even to try that one of me.

Frustrated that they were not going to sell me their product, the TXU salesmen stormed off in disgust probably talking about me on their way to their next prey.

So, you see, they just wasted 20 minutes of my time while I politely told them enough times that I didn’t want their stinking three year contract. Can you guess how ticked off I was after all of that? Sure you can. All I had to do was say, “No thank you,” and shut the door. That would have taken 5 seconds.

I walked back upstairs, looked at my husband (who was laughing at me) and told him next time he answers the door.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Van Wagoner:

On behalf of TXU Energy, I apologize for the intrusion late last evening. Our policy is no door-to-door cold calls after 8 p.m. Apparently that policy was not followed in your case. We'd like to investigate further, but to do so we need to know your home address.

You can call me at 214-236-5016 to discuss further.

Tom Stewart
Director, Communications
TXU Energy

Mrs.Caron said...


Jeana said...

Argh! Isn't it infuriating?

Vanessa said...

I had a similar situation; it was while my baby was sleeping. They knocked really loud and then rang the doorbell. Of course she woke up! I was pretty angry when I answered the door and had no problem being rude to them.

WhosPlayin said...

Same happened to me, in spite of the "No soliciting" sign, big as day on my front window next to the door.

I might just have to start keeping a shotgun next to the door.

I guess remote controlled sprinklers might be a good thing though.

Damned ignorant TXU solicitors...

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